I am Eric Fitzgerald

Co-Founder of Aedan,Inventor,Architect,Scientist

R & D Aedan Inc

Email: info at aedansafe.com

Phone: (888) 272-5505

Project Market Launch

Aedan [safe] for iOS 78%
Aedan ARC 60%
AedanOS: DropKick 90%
R.E.A.C.H. 99%
About Aedan Financial

Aedan Financial Corp is a technology acquisitions and development company and the parent company of Aedan Inc, a secured cloud-based application developer which created AedanOS, Aedan [safe] Artificial Intelligence powered Mobile Security Application, and "Codename DropKick" Neural Think-to-Act technology. Aedan Financial's primary focus is security, medical, educational, entertainment, and defense oriented solutions built around Artificial Intelligence and neural technology.

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